‘A Season Of Mountains‘ rating system for grading of treks based on the required endurance & skill as well as risks associated with them.

1. Endurance

A 6-point scale based on stamina required to complete a trek comfortably.

1Short distance (<5 km) treks involving little elevation gain/loss. Sondai fort trek
2Medium distance (5-10 km) treks with gradual elevation gain/loss.Karnala fort trek
3Medium distance (5-10 km) treks with sharp elevation gain/loss.Chanderi fort trek
4Long distance (10-20 km) treks with gradual or sharp elevation gain/loss.Katraj-Sinhagad (K2S) trek
5Very long distance (20-50 km) treks with gradual or sharp elevation gain/lossRajgad-Torna-Raigad (R2R) trek
6Ultra long distance (50 km+) treks with gradual or sharp elevation gain/lossNaneghat-Bhimashankar (Na-Bhi) trek

2. Difficulty

A 5-point scale indicating the skill level required for a trek.

EasyNo specific skill required.Korlai fort
MediumElementary knowledge of foot placement will be preferable. Beginners can comfortably attempt these treks.Asherigad trek
Medium+Should be familiar with climbing easy rock patches.
Prior experience of easy treks is preferable.
Gorakhgad top
ToughShould be comfortable negotiating unstable terrain. Familiarity with using ropes and knowledge of basic knots preferable.
Prior experience of Medium treks is a must.
Alang-Madan-Kulang (AMK) trek
TechnicalShould be led only by certified rock climbers/guides with considerable experience of lead climbing.
Industry standard safety equipment (ropes, harnesses, etc) is a must.
Pinnacle climbing at Vanarlingi, Vazir

3. Risk Factor

A 3-point scale that takes into account a combination of natural risk factors and documented incidents on the trek.

LowNegligible chance of injury/ no account of injuries suffered by trekkers.
ModerateExposed paths/ rock patches/scree slopes. No account of fatal injuries.
HighTreks where fatal incidents have been documented in the past. Recommended only for experienced trekkers.

Seasoned trekkers will find even the most mundane of treks interesting but newbies and beginners are recommended to start with easier treks so as not to get dissuaded from future adventures. Trust me, Sahyadris has a way with people. A couple of treks and you are hooked for life! 😉

Please bear in mind that this is a subjective evaluation and varying weather conditions along with the physical fitness of the trekker can have a bearing on the perceived ratings of a trek.

Note: The content of this post is for informational purposes only. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore, strictly at your own risk.

Last updated: August ’20

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