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Over the years, I have had the good fortune of trekking with more friends than I can count and I cherish them all as each one has added something unique to my journey.
However, if you go through the blog, you‘ll bump into some of them more often than others and hence, it is essential that you get acquainted with my frequent partners-in-crime!

So here goes the list, sorted by the number of escapades together-


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Whether you are hurtling through the forest, crossing valleys, tackling ridges or even hanging onto dear life, it’s important to stop and appreciate the moment. Meet Tejas, the man responsible for rare moments of peace during our whirlwind and sometimes chaotic treks!
Count: 27

Tip: आयुष्य खुप सुंदर आहे.
If you hear Tejas say these words, it’s your cue to stop right there cos either A. He’s found a beautiful frame OR B. You’ve just survived a close call. And both these scenarios warrant a moment of reflection 😉


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Thalaiva! Do not be fooled by his slight frame. There’s little Abhi can’t pull off and in fact quite the opposite! Walking with a swagger not unlike Rajnikanth, he‘ll climb up impossible trails leaving the rest of us looking for ways suitable for us mere mortals!
Count: 26

P.S. Abhi has this knack of slipping on the most improbable of places and this has become such a regular occurrence that we have started considering it a good omen! So if he doesn’t slip during a trek, we intentionally trip him! 😉


e (6)

If there’s a person who epitomises the sheer lengths to which someone can go for the love of forts, it’s Manish. Whether it’s braving a pack of street dogs, travelling alone at unearthly hours or even going solo if need be! You name it, this guy’s done it!
Count: 2

P.S. Fan of the DC-Marvel comic crossover? We witness it every damn trek with our desi versions of the Batman and Captain America! Manish is of course, our Caped Crusader. But who’s the captain? Hint in the posts! Go unravel the mystery!


e (9)

The Rani of Jhansi of our gang! Meet Mansi. Always up for challenges and looking to push her limits.  Also, her sandwiches are a reason in themselves to make it to the trek!
Count: 16

P.S. Dogs and Royal Enfield Bullets, please keep a safe distance! 😛


e (1)

When not zooming around the country on his beloved bike, you’ll find Shardul getting himself in improbably difficult situations on treks and then making it alive through them!
Want someone to scale the wall first? Jump the fence? Free climb a waterfall or just plain ol’ find the correct trail? Shardul’s your man!
Count: 12

P.S. If he goes looking for a shortcut, be advised to take the other way though. Not everyone can take a boulder on his/her chest and still walk away laughing!


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The guy who made me push my fitness to levels I hadn’t thought were possible! Our trekking experiences together have always been extreme. Riskiest? Check. Most exhausting? Check. Shortest? Check. Farthest? Check. And each of these have been separate, mind you!
Count: 11

P.S. If you have chocolate bars, hide them from Sud! Cos he‘ll end up giving every single one of them to the kids he meets on the trail! Trust me, I know better! 😉


e (11)

Never once have I seen this guy struggle with the terrain. Whatever the slope, distance or weather. If you were to bet your life on someone not giving up midway through the climb, it’d be Krunal. Relentless.
Count: 09

P.S. Krunal doesn’t deal with one day trips. For him, it’s either a 3 day trip or none at all, even when we go for a one-day trek. How? here’s a hint!


e (3)

Daughter of the plains but a Pahadi at heart, that is Anupama for you! Absolute live wire during treks and always game for one even if it means pushing through an injury or leaving her place at 4 in the morning!
Count: 08

P.S. Never challenge her to a round of Antakshri. You’ll lose. Period. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

 Omkar Z

e (10)

Picture this: You are staring at an 80 m high, nearly vertical gully with an inch-thick film of water running over it. Any mistake and you go tumbling down the valley, about 1500 feet deep. What do you call a person who’s as freaked out as anyone can be and still volunteers to lead the climb? Well, we call him Z. Omkar Z.

Count: 08

P.S. If you want to make him do something, distract him with a picture of lush green forests and voila! your job’s done! 😉


e (8)

Difficult rock patch, you said? Meh. We got Darshana in our Gang.
And I haven’t come across a rock patch that she hasn’t glided up like a professional climber!
Count: 07

P.S. Darshana isn’t what we call her during treks. She has a very cute nickname but that’ll remain a secret. Unless you happen to bump into us on some mountain! 😉


e (7)

Life’s too short not to laugh. That includes the time you are free climbing moss-covered rocky steps overlooking a 400 feet drop. And there’s nobody who’d make you laugh louder than this guy!
Meet Hitesh. Instigator-in-chief of the most outrageous travel plans and the go-to man for anything related to Indian Railways!
Count: 06

Tip: Never tell him you are going to climb multiple forts beforehand. Keep him in the dark until you have started the trek. Or keep Chinese food handy. Both the tricks work just fine 😉

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